ATTORNEYDaniel Martínez

Daniel Martínez, was born in Mexico City on June 10, 1988. Nowadays he is an assistant of the Lic. In Law, in the University of Sciences and Administration, campus North Lindavista. Now he is studying the 7 º. Four-month period of the career, with different professional practices like visits to the Institute of Forensic Sciences, participation in forums of the Institute of Vocational training at the expense of the General Attorney’s office of Justice of the Mexico City, it possesses professional experience in the branch of the right derived from the nearness to the dependences of Government before which it realizes diverse steps. Experience that he acquired as scholar extern in the company Abengoa Mexico S.A. de C.V.

David Martínez joined to Connell & Associates, on September 5, 2017, with approach in Commertial and Corporate Law.

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