Contract and Negotiations

An improperly done agreement is the biggest cause of civil litigation and/or loss of investment in Mexico. The best advise we give our clients it to make sure their agreement takes into consideration the legal aspects of the business at hand. Too many times foreigners will sign agreements in Spanish without fully understanding the legal implications of what they are signing. When this happens, the outcome of the agreements is often not favorable for the investor. We recommend that any time you sign an agreement in a foreign country you understand the intent of the agreement as well as the legal ramifications of the entire agreement.

We have assisted foreigners and Mexican nationals all over Mexico in negotiating and signing the types of agreements that best fit the intent of the parties. We have experience in dealing with several types of legal agreements including property sales, purchase agreements, rental agreements, leasing agreements, mortgages, lines of credit, bonds, construction agreements, government contracts, labor agreements, stock agreements, corporate merger agreements, conciliation agreements, joint ventures, stock options and many others.

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