Federal Zone Concessions and Lands Gained from the Sea

If you have land that borders on a federal zone (beaches, rivers, lakes, creeks, highways or lagoon) you need to be aware of your rights and obligations to use that land. You should also be aware of the rights of third parties to use and enjoy that land even if you own the land bordering it.

Mexico’s federal government will grant concession rights to exclusively use and enjoy certain types of federal zone properties to those who apply for it. Acquiring the concession to use the federal land that borders your property is an easy way to increase the value of your land and reduce the risk of someone else coming along and using this land.

Often times natural events create extra land that is neither on your title or part of the federal zone. This “no mans land” under certain circumstances can be acquired by the property owner that borders it. We have successfully acquired thousand of extra meters of beach from land for our clients, increasing the value of their investment dramatically.

Our firm provides a full range of federal zone services including acquiring of concessions, permits, transfers of concessions, dispute resolution, concessions administration and procedures to acquire rights to Lands Gained from the Sea.

Our firm has experience in not only dealing with the legal requirements set out by the foreign investment laws but we also provide ongoing consulting and ancillary services to our clients who are doing business in Mexico. Our staff includes some of the very few foreigners licensed to practice law in Mexico. We understand first-hand what it is to be a foreigner doing business in Mexico.


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