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Having the right team of Mexican attorneys and advisors at your side and available to you, seriously increases your odds of a successful outcome.
Whether you are starting a new development, dealing with tax or legal issues of an existing business or trying to resolve a problem, our team of Mexican attorneys has the experience and knowledge in Mexico to understand the issues, present you with your options and follow through with the necessary services to get the business done. We provide a wide and comprehensive range of services and a staff of diverse specialists ready to assist you in your business ventures in Mexico.

Connell & Associates understands what it means to be truly bilingual and bicultural in dealings with foreign clients in Mexico.

It is our endeavor to offer our clients both the sophistication and professional expertise they are accustomed to in the United States and elsewhere, while maintaining a level of personal attention, cost efficiency and follow through that is often ignored by larger law firms.

How we can help you?

We believe that with our special attributes, we can offer you the type of legal security and comfort that you want and need to be successful in your activities in Mexico.

CORPORATE LAWForeign Investement

Understanding the restrictions that exist on foreign investment is paramount in deciding whether or not to open up your business in Mexico.

CORPORATE LAWFederal Zone Concessions and Lands Gained from the Sea

If you have land that borders on a federal zone (beaches, rivers, lakes, creeks, highways or lagoon) you need to be aware of your rights and obligations to use that land.

LITIGATIONConflict Resolution

Avoiding litigation and unnecessary legal costs is important to everyone. However there are times when legal advisors are required to resolve a dispute.


Tax planning is not only for multinational corporations but also for the home owner that wants to look for legal solutions to reduce their tax exposure and capital gains in Mexico.

I couldn’t have done Mexico without David! He has helped with all aspects of both my properties and it’s been a pleasure to work with him.

Betsey Johnson

The law firm of David Connell & Associates has made my real estate investments, employee staffing, FM3 issues, obtaining clear title, and real estate understandable and doable…

Mary Hillabrand

I have used the legal services of David Connell and Associates for many years in all my real estate as well as legal affairs related to my businesses in Mexico. I have recommended them to many others…

Ciprian Joe LoGiudice

We have relied on Connell and Associates many times for their expertise in Mexican real estate. They have personalized service and their knowledge of Mexican law has made us feel at ease…

Tere Kimball

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Buying Property in Mexico’s Restricted Zone
July 5, 2017
Buying Property in Mexico’s Restricted Zone
The restricted zone, according to Article 27 of the Mexican Constitution, is all land located within 100 kilometers of any national border and within 50 kilometers of any ocean. Article 27 of the Constitution states that no foreigner will be allowed to acquire direct title to land within the restricted zone.
Now That I Have Bought Property in Mexico, What Do I Have to Do to Keep Everything Current?
July 5, 2017
Now That I Have Bought Property in Mexico, What Do I Have to Do to Keep Everything Current?
For a foreigner, buying property in Mexico is a new and different experience. Most foreigners spend time researching the procedure of buying property, setting up a trust or a corporation and becoming familiar with the different permits and costs required to close on a property transaction in Mexico.
Immigration Law Reform
July 5, 2017
Immigration Law Reform
In May of 2011 Mexico’s Immigration law was reformed. Some of the reform entered into effect immediately while other parts did not enter into effect until the corresponding Rules to the Law were published, which did not happen until the 28th of September 2012. In short, we are just now starting to see the Immigration authorities push for the full application of the new law.
Vallarta Property Rentals and Taxes
July 5, 2017
Vallarta Property Rentals and Taxes
Many people who decide to buy real estate in the Costa Vallarta region do so with the intent to rent out their property when they are not using it. There are a number of options to do so, ranging from taking care of it yourself or having a rental company do so for you.

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