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We believe that with our special attributes, we can offer you the type of legal security and comfort that you want and need to be successful in your activities in Mexico.

Foreign InvestmentForeign Investment

Understanding the restrictions that exist on foreign investment is paramount in deciding whether or not to open up your business in Mexico.

Business & CorporateCorporate Law

We offer full range of corporate law services including setting up corporations, partnerships, non profit and charitable organizations, mergers, spin-offs...

Real EstateReal Estate & Development Law

Our firm has extensive experience in dealing with both national and foreign investors in the Real Estate and Development in Mexico.

TrustsTrusts (Fideicomisos)

Trusts in Mexico are principally used by foreigners to acquire rights to property in Mexico’s restricted zone (50 kilometers from beach and 100 kilometers from borders) for residential use and...

ConcessionsFederal Zone Concessions and Lands Gained from the Sea

If you have land that borders on a federal zone (beaches, rivers, lakes, creeks, highways or lagoon) you need to be aware of your rights and obligations to use that land.
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EnvironmentEnvironmental Law

In today’s world environmental law affects just about every type of investment. Making sure your investment complies with these laws is important in order to avoid fines, delays and even criminal prosecution.

Agrarian LawAgrarian Law

We have extensive experience in dealing with Agrarian land matters. Any foreigner investing in Agrarian land, be it an ejido, an agrarian community or any other type of agrarian community...

ImmigrationImmigration Law

If you are a foreigner and going to live and work in Mexico, you need to have the necessary immigration documentation.

LitigationCivil and Commercial Litigation

Avoiding litigation and unnecessary legal costs is important to everyone. However there are times when legal advisors are required to resolve a dispute.

Conflict ResolutionConflict Resolution, Litigation, Arbitration, Mediation, Negotiation and Mitigation.

Avoiding litigation and unnecessary legal costs is important to everyone. However there are times when legal advisors are required to resolve a dispute.

Contracts and NegotiationsContracts and Negotiations

An improperly done agreement is the biggest cause of civil litigation and/or loss of investment in Mexico. The best advise we give our clients it to make sure their agreement takes into consideration the legal aspects of the business at hand.

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