Marmex is an informal organization made up of people who are interested in the Ocean Conservation issues of Bahia de Banderas. Those of use that enjoy, use and benefit from our Bay will benefit from being a part of Marmex. We hope you will join our efforts.

As the population of Bahia de Banderas grows, those of us that spend a lot of time on the water see the impact it is causing to our bay and the surrounding ocean. Unfortunatly there is little or no coordination of projects to help preserve Bahia de Banderas. The government programs are underfunded and slow at producing results. It is a fact that community support is the only real and effective way to create lasting positive change to ocean management (put links to Large Recover and Paper Park). Marmex hopes that you will be part of this community support.

At this time Marmex is an informal organization of people with an interest in conserving the waters of Bahia de Banderas. If you would like to be a part of this organization and receive information about our projects and events, or how you can become involved, please let us know. If you have a question about Ocean Conservation issues of Bahia de Banderas we would be happy to assist you in getting your questions answered.

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Know more about the mantas from Banderas Bay México

As a community foundation, we at Fundación Punta de Mita promote sustainable community development in Punta de Mita and around the Banderas Bay in the areas of community development, education, environment and health.


Safe, sustainable communities in Punta de Mita and the Banderas Bay that are multiculturally integrated and engage in harmonious participation of the public, private and philanthropic sectors.


General Objective:

  • To be promoters of a cultural change by inspiring residents and visitors of Punta de Mita and Bahía de Banderas so that, through their proposals, actions and dreams, they contribute to the betterment of our communities, and guiding efforts of other groups, organizations, corporations and individuals that share our ideals.

Especific Objetives:

  • To carry out actions that allow schools in the region to have dignified and worthy spaces; to carry out programs that contribute to the human and educational development of our children and youth.
  • To contribute efficiently in programs that both government and the community carry out with the aim of improving the health of inhabitants of the region.
  • To generate and promote programs which allow each community in our region to become a precious place, full of life and harmony in each of the elements that make up its ecosystem.
  • To develop programs that drive cooperation and development amongst groups and organizations of civil society in the region.

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